What is it?

A small program that sits in your tasktray (next to the clock!) and plays internet radio! For those interested, all the stations are stored in a XML file so it’s simple to edit it yourself.

What does it look like?

Where can I get it?

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD (423.73 KB) (84 downloads so far). Just run the installer, it should run automatically after it’s installed.

Note! Installing for “All Users” will cause an error for all but the user who installed it. A quick workaround is to copy the MicroRadio folder from the User’s Application Data folder into each user folder.

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  • Xxanthro

    Where are the stations .xml file?

  • Xxanthro

    Never mind found it ….. duh

  • Xxanthro

    Jak, I am playing around with your little program, I can’t seem to change any stations, from their original settings. I noticed you are using BBC iphone streams, I have tried various station formats is there something I am missing? I have even tried BBC Russia as listed from http://bbcstreams.com/ and nothing ….