iPhone 4: Face hits speaker or mute… Fix!


UPDATE: Check out the new iPhone 4.1 Software update which solves this for good!

Been having a problem with your shiny new iPhone? Yeah, I did too. My face kept triggering the speaker button when I was in the middle of a call, almost every time! Now because I’m left handed, the speaker was my problem – I’ve seen elsewhere that people’s cheeks keep pressing the mute button.. I’m assuming those people are righties!

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The Beginner’s 10-Minute Guide to Setting Up Ubuntu [Setup]

via Lifehacker by Kevin Purdy on 29/04/10

Over at ITWorld, I wrote up a 10-minute Ubuntu setup guide that walks through three key areas: installing all the proprietary tools you’re used to having, including MP3, AVI, Flash, and Microsoft-standard fonts; enabling DVD reading and playback; and setting up Ubuntu Tweak, which gives Linux newcomers an easy solution to installing third-party apps and tweaking their setup to be just perfect. There’s a lot more to discover in Ubuntu, and hopefully those basics give you more time to find it all. [ITWorld] More »

Streetview in the UK

Google StreetView has come to the UK. It’s been handy already, I finally get to see where I’ll be working next year.

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It’s had its share of privacy issues already, including a vomiting man and people walking out of “adult stores”.

You can see it in use in London, Edinburgh, Leeds, Bradford, Cambridge, Cardiff, Belfast, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Oxford, Sheffield, Nottingham, Derby, Bristol, Coventry, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Swansea, York, Newcastle, Dundee, Southampton, Norwich and Scunthorpe.

Offline Blogging

I found something quite useful! The same team who’ve been churning out what we still call MSN Messenger have also produced Windows Live Writer, a very nice tool for writing posts. Not only does it tie in with almost any blogging software, have a spell check, but it also has previews including whatever theme you’ve chosen!

Now, if only it could handle plugin things like my..

[code lang=”php”] function test() { echo “something”; } [/code]

SyntaxHighlighter plugin, but that’s probably asking a little bit too much.


BTW, this post was written in Windows Live Writer. :-)