HyperDock adds long awaited features to your Dock: Select single application windows just by moving the mouse on a dock item, use mouse clicks to quickly open new windows and many more.

The first public beta Version of HyperDock has just been released for free (the final version will probably cost a small fee).

via HyperDock.

Make Quicktime autoplay movies on a Mac

Simple! It’s a shame there is no preference setting for it, but this isn’t particularly difficult!

“Here’s what to do – first you go into Terminal. If you don’t know how, just invoke Spotlight and search for terminal and launch it from there.

In Terminal, write (or copy/paste) the following line:

defaults write com.apple.QuickTimePlayerX MGPlayMovieOnOpen 1

Hit Enter.”

From: How To: QuickTime X Autoplay Movies On Open In Snow Leopard — TechPatio

iOS 4.1 = No more face hitting mute problems!

As my previous post, where I detailed some steps I took which seemed to help minimise the issue with my face hitting speaker (in my instance), is one of my most read posts, I thought it best to comment on iOS 4.1!

This recent update from Apple fixes this particular problem with the proximity sensor for good. I’ve not had a single issue at all with it since installing the update just over a week ago.

Updating is really easy too. It takes a while, but its worth it! Simply plug your iPhone into iTunes like you do, and you should be prompted for the update. If not, click your phone on the left hand side in iTunes and click “Check for Updates”. The download may take a bit of time, but you can use your phone while the download is happening.
I hope that helps!

iPhone 4: Face hits speaker or mute… Fix!


UPDATE: Check out the new iPhone 4.1 Software update which solves this for good!

Been having a problem with your shiny new iPhone? Yeah, I did too. My face kept triggering the speaker button when I was in the middle of a call, almost every time! Now because I’m left handed, the speaker was my problem – I’ve seen elsewhere that people’s cheeks keep pressing the mute button.. I’m assuming those people are righties!

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SilverStripe CMS

Last night I found SilverStripe and it is simply amazing. It’s the perfect solution for small simple static websites I find myself building regularly, and with the templates being so well made I can customise them and having a working site in less than 2 hours.

For example, YDiy-CallMe.co.uk and Yours2Use.co.uk (You’ll have to excuse the content on the latter, it’s a work in progress)

Both of these are customised, and were complete in under an hour. The admin interface is incredibly simple, and the help pages will help novice users a lot. I’m also loving how extendable it is. There may be a lack of modules/widgets (or at least a lack of useful ones) but with SilverStripes modular design it’d be very easy to create new ones.

I’m not sure if it’s issues with our work internet, or firefox, or silverstripe, but I’m coming across occasional bugs – I can only hope they’re ironed out. It will be insteresting to see how simple it is to upgrade/update SilverStripe to newer versions.