iOS 4.1 = No more face hitting mute problems!

As my previous post, where I detailed some steps I took which seemed to help minimise the issue with my face hitting speaker (in my instance), is one of my most read posts, I thought it best to comment on iOS 4.1!

This recent update from Apple fixes this particular problem with the proximity sensor for good. I’ve not had a single issue at all with it since installing the update just over a week ago.

Updating is really easy too. It takes a while, but its worth it! Simply plug your iPhone into iTunes like you do, and you should be prompted for the update. If not, click your phone on the left hand side in iTunes and click “Check for Updates”. The download may take a bit of time, but you can use your phone while the download is happening.
I hope that helps!

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  • http://Website Colin

    4.1 did not solve this for me. I just noticed your other post about resetting settings. I am now trying that as it was upgraded from a 3GS.

  • http://Website Amy

    This didn’t work for my phone either. My face still hits the mute, facetime, speaker, and end buttons.

    • Jak

      I’m finding that too, and it also does it with 4.2. It is very rare nowadays though, just bad sensor placement I think.

  • Jason

    This update didn’t work for me either, but I’ve discovered that the fault only happenes with the phone in a leather flip case… If I remove it from the case its perfect. If I make a call with it in the cover then the proximity switch seems to operate the wrong way round, ie when its pulled away from your ear the screen goes blank then when its put to your ear it goes live. Ive has a 3GS for two years in a flip case and never had this problem.