Communicator Status Editor Update: Offline support!

Office Communicator Status Editor v1.5.2

Along with updating the website, I’ve updated the Office Communicator Custom Status Editor to now work offline.

Previously, if you didn’t have internet access when starting up Communicator, the custom statuses would have failed. Now that’s now longer a problem.

That’s the only new feature of the program, but it’s a biggy – Also included now is a better installer and a slightly improved UI.

Download: Office Communicator Custom Status Editor (12101)

  • Nielle


    When installing your Communicator Status Editor it installs perfect, but when I run it an error pops up that says Communicator Not installed.

    Any ideas how to fix this?

    • Jak

      Hi, I’ve emailed a fix for you.

      If anyone else has this problem, please try installing the new version (1.5.2) which should handle this better :-)